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ZapIn – Mobile Capture

Simplify document processes through flexible capture workflows.

Redefine your business boundaries, Capture Information anywhere anytime.

Overview – Need for Mobile Capture:As businesses experience the next level of transformation, they are looking to do more with less. Customers in digital age expect faster responses while employees on the move demand advanced tools to meet their goals. Real-time information capture along with processing speed and agility will determine future market leaders across industries.

Mobile capture enables organizations to offer on-time and on-the-go services to their customers. It not only opens up new sales and distribution channels but also allows companies to widen their service offerings. Capturing information at point of origination and its real-time transfer to enterprise applications increases operational effectiveness and enhances customer engagement to no bounds. It truly is the technology that will liberate enterprises from all boundaries and take them to the next level.

ZapIn – Enterprise Mobile Capture Platform: ZapIn leverages our expertise in Imaging, Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management along with new age mobile technology to offer field executives and customers anytime anywhere access to services on their mobile devices. It combines intelligent mobile capture features with advanced image processing and automated extraction capabilities to transform operations. It enables real-time information transfer to back office by seamlessly integrating with enterprise applications like ECM, BPM and ERP. Creating several layers of encryption, it ensures adequate levels of security while dealing with sensitive information.

ZapIn finds its use across several industry verticals especially the ones that deal with dynamic information consistently. Right from banking, insurance and telecom to logistics & transportation and healthcare, leading global organizations rely on ZapIn to foster innovation within their processes.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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