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OmniFlow Business Process Management (BPM) Suite

Design, deploy, monitor and improve mission critical business processes.

OmniFlow is a highly scalable, platform independent BPM solution that enables wide variety of industries to streamline their business processes. Built using open technologies and having compliance with global standards, OmniFlow Business Process Management has seamless integration abilities, which allow it to be introduced into almost any existing IT infrastructure.

Complex business process designing through user-friendly drag and drop feature, fast and easy implementation through Rapid Application Deployment (RAD) technique, change of business rules on the fly, efficient process management and holistic performance monitoring on business processes, demand no or minimal programming efforts. Fast implementation, end to end automation of business processes through service oriented architecture (SOA) and ability to provide high performance excellence are some of the key discriminating factors for OmniFlow.

Key Components of OmniFlow BPM Suite

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Process Modeling: The Newgen OmniFlow facilitates seamless, real-time interactions amongst key stakeholders including Business and IT users for designing all aspects of processes, user experiences and integrations. The process models can be tested prior to their deployment using historical data and what-if analysis, by a Process Simulator. This enables designers and users to optimize processes by running upfront assessments of the dynamic process behavior.

Process Execution: A powerful Workflow engine lies at the core of the Newgen OmniFlow, orchestrating interactions between different process components such as people, devices and business applications. Technical and business users can adjust process execution priorities, bring changes to processes dynamically or even terminate or suspend in-flight processes.
Business Rules: Newgen Business Rules Management System (BRMS) is a scalable web based tool and an integral part of Newgen OmniFlow. The BRMS helps define critical business policies and procedures that govern all processes across the enterprise. BRMS renders new levels of agility and control by empowering business users to take charge of the processes completely without the need for any technical assistance.
Process Administration: Newgen OmniFlow is adept at managing various aspects of a business process by providing users the flexibility to control, monitor and adapt processes. It clearly defines the role and responsibilities of business users and assigns them the appropriate rights.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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